Fair Use

Fair use is the copying of a copyrighted piece of work for a limited time. Now I know this topic contradicts my my last post on copyright, but I didn’t mention this part in that post, because fair use is something totally different. The only use for a brief part of a copyrighted piece is […]


Copyright happens everyday, and depending on who the content belongs to originally, sometimes the person gets away with it, sometimes not. Copyright is where you legally own anything you create. Regardless, people still steal anyone’s work that they deem as useful to them. Some examples of where copyright takes in effect is within books, music, […]

Drugs in the Media

Many people claim that they have something that is their ‘anti-drug’. But what about the use of drugs in the media? FlavorWire There are several ads out there that use authority figures to get their idea across to their audience. What about authority figures who use drugs and promote it through their work, such as […]


E-Sports, also known as ‘electronic sports’, is the competitive online gaming scene. Call Of Duty to League Of Legends, they fit underneath the term ‘MLG’ – Major League Gaming. Playing Call of Duty against other teams on the MLG site for small amounts of money was the only way to play competitively, until the E-Sports […]

Product Placement

Ad placement in movies! You know, when that popular actor just happens to be holding a can of Pepsi with the logo ‘ironically’ facing the camera. Product placement stands out the most because it is the best way to show your product to thousands of people, and because it is the most direct attempt to […]

Censorship in Canada

Antonella Beccaria   Censorship is in stuff that goes public. Music, TV Shows, Movies, everything. It is the suppression of speech, public communication or other information which may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, politically incorrect or inconvenient as determined by governments, media outlets, authorities or other groups or institutions (Wikipedia).   With this topic, some […]


E-Businesses! The best way to sell your product worldwide and to market across the globe! There are now many businesses selling a wide variety of products online. Products that appeal to women, men, gamers, outdoorsy people, etc!   Online businesses are great to me, because I can buy items that can only be purchased in […]