E-Businesses! The best way to sell your product worldwide and to market across the globe! There are now many businesses selling a wide variety of products online. Products that appeal to women, men, gamers, outdoorsy people, etc!   Online businesses are great to me, because I can buy items that can only be purchased in […]

Social Media

Social Media is a huge part in today’s world. It can be and is used for several different things. These things include communications and business. This post will have a few points as to whether social media is good and bad for our society today.   First off, businesses can use social media to advertise […]

Public Service Announcements

In this post, I will be talking about Public Service Announcements (PSA) and whether or not they are effective.   The main topic that are commonly on PSA’s are related to health. One large display of a common PSA is on cigarette cartons. While the images and facts on the carton itself, hasn’t really been […]


The grade ⅞ class from Snow Lake, Manitoba and the grade ⅞ class from Wingham, Ontario have read Half Brother by Kenneth Oppel over Skype or sometimes, our class radio station. After reading, both classes watched the movie Project Nim and wrote down similarities and differences of the movie compared to the book. There are […]

Beating the Yankees

3, 2, 1, FIRE! The cannon crews unleash the cannon balls to attack the Americans. Of course, there weren’t any cannon balls being used, just tennis balls. On Thursday, April 26th the grade ⅞ class went to Robin Barker-James’ farm to re-enact the war of 1812 with real Americans. The battles that were depicted were […]

My Awesome, Helpful Friend

My most awesome thing is one of my awesome friends. When I don’t know what to do, I ask her to help me. She’s caring and doesn’t judge anybody. She is always willing to help me or anyone that needs the help. She tries to make our community a peaceful place. She’s awesome (it’s not […]

Animal Testing- The Creepy Monsters We Find

Animal testing. Wrong in every way imaginable. Maybe you think otherwise.The torture that animals go through is unbearable. Just imagine the animal being you, and you being the animal. I don’t think that you would appreciate getting harsh chemicals and dangerous products being tested on you. As scientists continually test for a cure for cancer, […]